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Who all are eligible to open and Online Trading Account ?
Any individual, HUF (Hindu Undivided Family), proprietary firm, partnership firm or a corporate can open online trading account with IFIN
How can I open an Online Trading Account with you?
There are many ways to contact us. Once you register with us , our team will facilitate the account opening for you. You can
  • Visit our website www.ifinltd.in and register yourself.
  • Email us at customercare@ifinltd.in
  • Call our Toll Free 1800-425-1117
  • SMS "IFIN" to 575758
What are the proofs/documents required to open an online trading account?
The following documents (as per Statutory guidelines) are required to open an online trading with IFIN :
Documents’ Name Individual   Partnership Firm   Corporate
PAN Card ( Mandatory ) Yes Yes Yes
Photograph Yes Yes Yes
Proof of Identity Yes Yes Yes
Proof of Address Yes Yes Yes
Partnership Deed - Yes -
Letter of Authority - Yes -
Memorandum and articles Of association - - Yes
Board Resolution - - Yes
A document for the Proof of address can be a copy of any one of the following:
  • Passport
  • Latest Electricity bill
  • Latest Telephone bill
  • Latest Bank Statement
A document for the Proof of Identity can be a copy of any one of the following:
  • Pan Card
  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • Voters ID card
Though PAN Card is a mandatory document and it alone suffices the ID proof documentation purpose , but in case of any discrepancy or mismatch you may be required to furnish any other supporting ID proof as above along with PAN Card.
How do I come to know that my account is opened? How much time it generally takes?
The account opening process generally takes 2-3 working days once the duly filled in client registration form along with the necessary KYC documents reach our central processing centre at Chennai. Once you account is opened, IFIN dispatches a welcome kit to its customers which contains Welcome Letter, Information Brochures, software/demo CD etc. We also call you on the contact numbers given by you and inform you the same as well as help you getting started. To add on, we also send you mail with some key some information pertaining to your trading account.
Which all products and stock exchanges I can trade in?
IFIN is truly a one stop investment destination and we bring you the services in Equity, Derivatives, IPO , Mutual Funds , Commodity , Currency , E-Gold , Insurance etc and have the membership with leading stock & commodities exchanges. As far as your Online Trading account is concerned, you can trade at NSE , BSE , MCX , NSE CDS , MCX SX , NCDEX and also invest in IPOs & MFs.
Can I transfer funds online?
Yes, your bank account will be linked to your trading account with us and hence you can do funds transfer using payment gateway / internet banking. Currently we have 11 Banks on the gateway :
ICICI bank , HDFC bank , AXIS Bank , YES bank , IDBI bank , Citi Bank , Corporation Bank , Bank of India , Laxmi Villas bank , Karnataka bank , J & K bank.
We are continuously working on to add more banks and bring to you unparallel facility.
Can I submit Cheque if I do not have online banking facility or if my net banking is not working?
Yes, you can submit a Cheque but buying limit would be provided to your trading account once the same is cleared & confirmed by the bank and this process consumes time ( normally 1-3 days ). Hence we advise You to do you funds transaction online itself.
How can I place orders if I do not have access to internet while on move?
IFIN also provides Call-N-Trade services to its customer so that you can enquire about the market or place order if he/she does not have access to internet. Additionally, we are also going to offer Mobile Trading very soon and with that you will be able to view and trade in the market on your GPRS enabled mobile phone also.
Is it mandatory to open a demat account with you for online trading?
Yes, it is compulsory to have demat account with us for Internet Trading. This demat account shall be linked to your trading account with us and hence you will not need to write any physical delivery slips in case of sale of shares.
Is it compulsory to have a bank account with the partner banks available on Payment Gateway?
No. It is not compulsory to have the bank account with any particular bank. In case, you do not have the account with any of our partner banks, you can still trade by sending us the required margin money through a cheque drawn on any other bank. However, it may be more convenient and time saving to have a bank account with any of the banks available on our online Payment Gateway as it would provide you the flexibility to transfer the funds electronically to enhance your margin limits instantaneously.
Can I withdraw the amount allocated for trading?
Yes. It is possible to withdraw your unused funds from your trading account during market hours by logging to your trading platform and clicking on the funds menu and selecting the withdraw funds option and then placing a request for the amount you would like to withdraw. All withdrawal request should be placed before 5:00 pm and to be processed the same trading day and credited to your bank account the following day.
What are the benefits of opening a Demat account?
Some benefits of opening a Demat account are :
  • Be able to trade in equity market at recognized stock exchanges.
  • Swift transfer of securities
  • Elimination of risks associated with physical certificates such as bad delivery, fake securities, etc
  • Reduction in paperwork involved in transfer of shares
  • Reduction in transaction cost
  • Holding investments in equity, debt instruments and Government securities in a single account
  • Automatic credits into demat account, of shares, arising out of split/consolidation/merger etc.
  • Nomination facility
What are the various online trading platforms that a customer can choose from?
At IFIN, we offer customers different solutions to choose from. Based on whether you are a beginner to the stock markets or a seasoned investor, we offer the following trading platforms to choose from:
  • IFIN First
  • IFIN Imperia
To know more about the trading platforms, please visit our section on online trading platforms.
How do I log in to my Online Trading Account for the first time.
Upon the opening of your Online Trading Account , IFIN provides you a Set of your User ID and Password. With the given User ID & Password, you can access your account Online. If you have opened IFIN First account then you can access your account by visiting our website and Clicking on Trade Now. If you have opted for IFIN Imperia, because it is a software based account hence you shall be required to download the software Online from the download section on our website or else you can call our customer care to help you install and run the software in your system.
When you log in for the first time the system prompts you to change the password given by IFIN. It is done by security reasons and as per prevailing statutory guidelines, you password will expire every 14 days and you would need to change the same. You can also refer to the password policy given on the log in screen for complete details.
What should I do if I am facing login related problem?
You may face login related problems primarily because of the following :
  • Internet connection.
  • Ensure that you are putting right password. Remember that your password is Case Sensitive and hence be careful while typing the password. If you have forgotten your password then put a request mail for new password to customercare@ifinltd.in from your mail id (registered with us).
How to contact for help related to online trading?
You can visit various sections like FAQs , Demo & Tutorials to learn more about Online Trading. Still if your queries are not answered , we shall be pleased to help you. You can get in touch with out Customer Care team at :
  • Mail : customercare@ifinltd.in
  • Call : 044- 28306 673/600
  • Toll Free: 1800-425-1117
  • SMS : “IFIN” to 575758
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